Scope & Objective

  1. Center for Research and Policy Studies, Baramulla is dedicated to supporting researches/researchers with a focus on knowledge creation and policy development on issues related to the regional Muslim population. The broader scope and objectives are as under:  

  2. To develop a better understanding of contemporary issues in the Islamic framework.

  3. To promote studies on Islamic sciences integrated with the fields of contemporary humanities, social sciences, and modern scientific and intellectual thought.

  4. To provide impetus to new ideas and methodologies aimed at reform and policymaking for the broader needs of the regional Muslim population.

  5. To commission researches on analyzing the socio-religious phenomenon and community studies and develop a road map for the advancement of knowledge and empowerment of Muslims.

  6. To pursue publication of research papers, policy analysis, case studies, newsletters, journals, and books of particular significance in accordance with the above-mentioned aims and objectives.