• Submission


The thesis must be submitted by the researcher by the duration of 10 months from the date of his/her admission. Under extraordinary circumstances, the Director may grant a further extension of two months for the submission of the thesis, for which the researcher shall apply giving the reasons due to which he/she was not able to submit the thesis and that his/her application is duly forwarded and recommended by the concerned Supervisor. No further extension shall be given under any circumstances.

The submission of the thesis shall be done only after the completion of the work and after the researcher has published at least one research paper in a recognized newspaper/journal based on his/her research work and the grant received, and provide evidence of the same in the form of a photocopy of the published article or reprint or, if it is still not published, a letter of acceptance from the newspaper/journal, without which he/she shall not be eligible to submit the research thesis.

  • Structure


The thesis must include an executive summary/abstract of 250-300 words, keywords, an elaboration of the research problem being addressed, the research methodology, and the aims of the work, a critical review of the previous body of literature, an exposition of the premises on which the thesis is based and the results and conclusions of the work.

  • Format


Main or first level headers should be left justified, typed in capitals, bolded, not underlined and with font size 16. Subheadings should be capitalized (first letter in each word), left justified and bold with font size 14. If third-level headings are needed, they are left justified and italicized with font size 12. The text font size of 12, space of 1.5, left a margin of 1.5, right margin of 1, top and bottom margins of 1 shall be provided. The thesis should be printed on A4 size paper on both sides.


  • Reference Style


The following reference style should be followed.

Author name (s). Year of publication. Title of work. Journal title (italics). Volume and/or issue number: Page numbers

Example: Hassanein M, Al-Arouj M, Hamdy O, Bebakar WMW, Jabbar A, et. al., 2017. Diabetes and Ramadan: Practical guidelines. Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 126:303-316.

  • Evaluation


Every thesis for the research at CRPS, Baramulla shall be evaluated by a person of high academic repute and based on the favorable recommendations by the concerned evaluator, and the defense of queries by the researcher, the researcher shall be deemed eligible for the certificate of completion of the research. In the case of an unfavorable report from the evaluator, the researcher shall be asked to revisit the work at least once and resubmit the same. The director shall then evaluate the resubmitted thesis and the decision of the director shall be final in any case. Plagiarism shall not be accepted under any circumstances.

  • Award


The researcher shall be awarded the certificate of completion as on the date he/she has submitted/resubmitted the thesis.

  • Intellectual Property and Copyright


Intellectual Property and Copyright shall be decided mutually by the researcher and CRPS, Baramulla.



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